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Roll you storm !

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Fiberglass Water Slides Design Roll you storm !

Fiberglass Water Slides Design Storm Slides is a combination of 4 large raft slides: super bowl, rattlesnake slide and 2 spiral slides, which, on one hand, enrich slide experience, on the other hand, increase space & cost saving, as well as enlarge visitor volume effectively.

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Product NameStorm Slide
ColorCustomized, Please Refer To Our PAL Color Manual;
CategoriaNew slides
Product ParameterSuper Bowl Slide_H=16.3m L=71m
Tubular Slide A_H=16.3m L=140m
Tubular Slide B_H=16.3m L=133m
Rattlesnake Slide_H=16.3m L=178m
Floor Space111kW
Power500-1000 p/h
Hourly Capacity4 persons rafts
Play Mode5
Thrill4 persons rafts
Player AgeAdults

Fiberglass Water Slides Design As a pioneer in China’s water amusement equipment manufacturing industry, Sichuang Chongming Amusement Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. uphold the concept of “professional, safe and interesting” to provide customers with integrated professional services such as water park project planning and design, equipment and supporting facilities design, production, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.
CMWaterparks have served hundreds of customers in past 18 years and tens of millions of families enjoy our water amusement products every year. As a domestic leading water park designer and equipment manufacturer, we insist on our mission to sculpture a water park for families spending good times together and sharing wonderful memories.

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