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Water House Family

Paradise for family fun! Fiberglass Water Playground!

The child is the key to the park. As a waterpark must-have, parent-child plate integrates colorful kids’ water slides, entertaining water interaction device and exciting tipping bucket for visitors to 360 full play. No matter for children or adults, they can find their games here.

Children “take” their parents and grandparents to our water house, experience the excitement here and reluctantly to leave.

We have water houses, kids’ water slides and water sprays in different specifications and there is always one suitable for your water park.

Product details

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Product Parameter

Floor Space=50m×50m 


Amusement Units=18items 60 groups

Slide=8 sets

Floor Space=40m×40m 


Amusement Units=20items 36 groups

Slide=6 sets

Floor Space=30m×30m 


Amusement Units=24items 38 groups

Slide=6 sets

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