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How to build a water park in the capital of the world’s water park?

All park operators in Wisconsin Dell, the world’s top water park resort, are industry leaders. If you want to win tourists here, you must show all your creativity. After all, this is the birthplace of the first indoor water park in the United States. There are more water slides here than anywhere on the earth.

Nick and Eva Lascaris, the owners of Mount Olympus, have made every effort to build the latest product, the revolving slide. The first revolving water slide in the United States, named Medusa’s slidewheel, is located in the newly expanded indoor water park “Olympus Landscape Park”, which is open in the busy summer tourism season. The water park invested 23 million US dollars, which is the most ambitious expansion project in the history of the resort.

The Medusa wheel is a Pixiao slide for two to four people. It combines the track of the Ferris wheel with the experience of the water slide. It rotates three complete cycles per minute, and tourists will experience high-speed water skiing, gravity acceleration and air flight at the same time.

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