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Usage of fiberglass slide

1. Ensure correct installation: The fiberglass slide needs to be correctly installed on the bracket to ensure stability. Before use, the support should be checked for firmness, the surface of the slide should be flat, and there should be no defects such as cracks or wear.

2. Meet the requirements for the audience and equipment: Tourists using the slide should not exceed the maximum weight carried by the slide. In addition, suitable clothing and shoes should be worn to prevent slipping or injury.

3. Sitting in the correct position: When using the slide, one should sit in the correct position and should not sit on the edge of the slide or lean against the slide.

4. Maintain correct body posture: During the sliding process, one should maintain correct body posture and not stand upside down, sideways, or standing up.

5. Pay attention to surrounding safety: During the sliding process, attention should be paid to the safety of the surroundings to avoid collisions or conflicts with others.

Leave the slide after use: After using the slide, you should quickly leave the slide so that others can use it. If multiple people use the same slide, they should wait for each other and not push or seize the slide.

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