water park equipment

What children’s water park equipment are needed to open a water park?

Generally, there are water slides in water parks, and water slides can be divided into: large speaker slides, rainbow slides, large loop slides, and so on. The large speaker slide is a necessary item for a large water park. As the name suggests, the rainbow slide is designed according to the seven colors of the rainbow, giving us visual and sensory impact. The large loop slide allows tourists to stay inside the tightly closed cabin, and the foot pedal will automatically open. From the high platform, through the lubrication of water, the body slides along the nearly vertical slide tube at high speed like a roller coaster. It has a strong visual impact and viewing ability, making observers also frightened.

Skateboarding is a device that has emerged in water parks in recent years, as it combines the skill elements of other board types, develops into a highly participatory new extreme sport conducted on artificial surfing simulators with diverse playing methods and superb skills, and quickly becomes a global fashion sport in a short period of time.

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