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What is the difference between a large indoor water park and an outdoor water park?

Large-scale indoor water parks can operate 365 days regardless of wind and rain. The emergence of indoor water parks meets the needs of tourists in spring, autumn and even winter. With the continuous improvement of water park equipment manufacturing technology, small and medium-sized water park projects can generally be completed within 5 months, and the construction period of a large-scale water park project can also be within one year, and this type of large-scale indoor water park has rich amusement projects, integrating hot spring spa, swimming pool, wave pool, indoor surfing simulator and other projects, with various ways to play , can attract more tourists.

Large-scale indoor water parks and outdoor water parks will have different equipment choices. Due to the limitation of construction space, indoor water parks are relatively small in area, so they generally do not choose very large amusement facilities, otherwise the construction cost will be very high. While the outdoor water park is not limited by the building space, the cost of civil construction is relatively low, and the area is large. So, large water amusement facilities are placed in most outdoor water parks.

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