Midi Abyss Water Slide

Aqua Park Equipment Midi Abyss Water Slide

Medium body , Maximum heart!

Aqua Park Equipment Medium-sized Abyss has a peculiar shape and is good for both amusement and enjoyment. A group of four tourists, sitting on the special raft, ready to flow slowly into the dark gloomy pipe, then suddenly fall, enter the huge horn grotto after transient weightlessness, and continue to conflict and reverberate in the grotto, tourists scream at the alternation of overweight and weightlessness. Our innovative design allows visitors to float more comfortably and longer in the big grotto. At the same time friends on the viewing platform can also witness and recording the whole challenge process of the bravada.
We have a total of 5 kinds of Abyss in different sizes( 4 are four person rafts and 1 is two persons raft). Even our smallest Abyss, with a diameter of 1.98 meters,brings a lasting excitement for tourists due to our innovative design.




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Product Parameter

Product NameMidi Abyss Water Slide
ColorCustomized, Please Refer To Our PAL Color Manual;
CategoriaRafts slides
Product ParameterHeight=4.5m
Trumpet Diam=3.6m~7.5m
Floor Space25mx23m
Hourly Capacity300-690 p/h
Play Mode5
Thrill4 persons rafts
Player AgeAdults
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