Dual Spiral+Sledge+Tube Slide Combination

Dual Spiral+Sledge+Tube Slide Combination

Hot combination! Big Fiberglass Slide

This combination consists of open and closed spiral slides with 3 stars of stimulation and sledge slide, wide slide, tube slide with 4.5 stars of stimulation, which allows visitors to experience the feeling of high speed, speed change and deceleration in the process of accelerating, slope changing and buffering section to create exciting slides, creating exciting water slides suitable for all ages.

Whether indoor or outdoor, we are dedicated to design and manufacture the perfect body slide for your visitors.

Product details

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Product Parameter

Product NameDual Spiral+Sledge+Tube Slide Combination
ColorCustomized, Please Refer To Our PAL Color Manual;
CategoryCombination Slides
Product ParameterOpen Slide Height=8.1m/Width=1m/Length=75m;
Enclosed Slide Height=8.1m/Width=1m/Length=65m;
Plunge Slide Height=Height= 5.1m/Width=1m/Length=18m
Sledge Slide Height= 5.1m/Width1m/Length=18.5m
Floor Space35mx25m
Hourly Capacity600 p/h
Play ModeBody
Player AgeAdults
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