Fiberglass Combination slide

Hot combination! Big Fiberglass Slide

Pool Water slides are a great way to add extra fun and enjoyment to your swimming pool. There’s something about the sensation of slipping down a water slide that makes even your backyard pool feel like you’re on vacation! From simple designs with not many tubes or curves – perfect for little kids who just want some safe playtime before going back inside – all the way to more complex multi-tube slides designed specifically to be thrill rides, anything goes!

Whether indoor or outdoor, we are dedicated to design and manufacture the perfect body slide for your visitors.

Product details

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Product Parameter

Product NameDual Spiral+Sledge+Tube Slide Combination
ColorCustomized, Please Refer To Our PAL Color Manual;
CategoryCombination Slides
Product ParameterOpen Slide Height=8.1m/Width=1m/Length=75m;
Enclosed Slide Height=8.1m/Width=1m/Length=65m;
Plunge Slide Height=Height= 5.1m/Width=1m/Length=18m
Sledge Slide Height= 5.1m/Width1m/Length=18.5m
Floor Space35mx25m
Hourly Capacity600 p/h
Play ModeBody
Player AgeAdults
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