Tide River

Drift River Tide River

Caverns rifting, time tunnel, tropical rainforest!

Drift River By creating caverns drifting, time tunnel, tropical rainforest and other scenes, tourists sometimes feel the coconut tree shadow, soft ripple waves, sometimes encountered the sudden rain to thunder and sudden lightning attack, and experience the fun of adventure in the unpredictable drift journey.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy2agU92TQTxnCK8AMsKJgA

Website: https://www.cmwaterparks.com/


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Product Parameter

Product NameTide River
ColorCustomized, Please Refer To Our PAL Color Manual;
CategoryWave Systems 
Product ParameterDepth of water=0.8m
Wave height=0.4-0.8m
Surface velocity=0.8-1m/s
Push flow way=Push the wall flow
Push flow pump type= pipeline pump
Floor SpaceWave pool length= >150m
Wave pool width= 2.5m/3m/4m/5.5m
Power22kW / 45kW /18.5kW/unit
Hourly Capacity2p/㎡
Play ModeLife Jacket
Player AgeKids / Teenager / Adults
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