Kids' Dual Spiral +Mid-Wide Slides Combination

Kids' Dual Spiral +Mid-Wide Slides Combination

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The combination, with it’s dazzling apperance and rich riding experience, is a family slide combo specilized for family water play fun.

The wide slide is not only a competative race track for kids, but also a place for parents holding kids with arms and enjoying good time together.

CMWaterparks-an expert in manufacturing family slides and creating new aqua play fun.

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Product Details

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Product Parameter

Product NameKids’ Dual Spiral +Mid-Wide Slides Combination
ColorCustomized, Please Refer To Our PAL Color Manual;
CategoryKids Slides
Product ParameterSpiral Slide: Height=1.86m / Length=15.6m / Width=1m
Wide Slide: Height=1.86m / Length=13.5m / Width=1.6m
Floor Space16mx25m
Hourly Capacity600p/h
Play ModeBody
Player AgeKids / Teenager / Adults


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