Mini Boomerango

Mini Boomerango Kids' Slide

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Kids’ Slide Mini Boomerango, a mini version of the popular water park product Boomerango , enable adults and children ride and play at one time. Tourists in groups of two, sitting on a special two-person slide raft, after getting ready, slowly enter the pipeline with the current , immediately rush onto the skateboard and finally fall back after a short period of weightlessness.




Kids' Slide Product Details

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Product Parameter

Product NameMini Boomerango
ColorCustomized, Please Refer To Our PAL Color Manual;
CategoryKids Slides
Product ParameterHeight=1.98m
Open Section Width=1.37m
Skids Width=5.07-6.54m
Floor Space20mx15m
Hourly Capacity400p/h
Play Mode2 persons rafts
Player AgeKids / Teenager / Adults
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