Multi-Lane Mat Racer

Multi-Lane Mat Racer

Challenge the impossible!

Multi-lane Mat Racer, as speed slide ,is definitely a huge successful attraction chosen by water park investors.

On the word of “On your marks” command, tourists, separated by 6 ranks, lay on their own mat and get ready to start. “Start” order issued, 6 riders simultaneously “drive” head over heels their mats, swift as the wind and quick as lightning in the colorful ups and downs of the slide.

The yellow team is ahead of the red team for the time being. However, the red team accelerates at the last super big steep and surpass the yellow team! The red team successfully counterattack!

Youtube:Waterparks CM – YouTube


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Product Parameter

Product NameMulti-Lane Mat Racer
ColorCustomized, Please Refer To Our PAL Color Manual;
CategoryMat Slides
Product ParameterHeight=20.5m
Floor Space118mx10m
Hourly Capacity180 p/h/slide
Play ModeBy Mat
Player AgeAdults
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