Tube + Sledge Slide Combination

Water Play Equipment Tube + Sledge Slide Combination

The simpliest, the coolest!

Water Play Equipment The tube water slide is named after it’s barrel apperance. Visitors, like a bullet in a barrel when entering the tube, rush into the water and splash , full of fun.
Multiple slides can be combined and share platform together.




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Product Parameter

Product NameTube + Sledge Slide Combination
ColorCustomized, Please Refer To Our PAL Color Manual;
CategoriaTeenager Slides
Product ParameterSledge Slide Height=5.1m /Length=18.5m /Width=1m
Tube Slide Height=5.1m /Length=18m /Width=1m
Floor Space 
Hourly Capacity200 p/h/slide
Play ModeBody
Player AgeTeenager and adults
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