Aqualoop Bodyslide- Type A

Water Slides Aqualoop Bodyslide- Type A

3-2-1,GO! Start your space travel!

Water Slides The cool styling of AquaLoop body slide likes two entrenched long queues. Riders enter the launch capsule and get ready on standby. With the door closed and a countdown warning “3, 2, 1″ issued, the pedal at the foot are pulled out immediately, and riders plummet into the chute, just like “falling into the Abyss”! Riders run left and right and slide in the tube at a high speed.  Rider experiences an apparent weightlessness and a high-speed sprint in the process. Can you imagine what it looks like to open your eyes and see the world with a high-speed sliding in a translucent pipe? Of course, your friends on the ground can also capture your wonderful moments and post in the circle of friends. AquaLoop body slide is to enable riders an extraordinary experience of space travel, we did it!



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Product Parameter

Product NameAqualoop Bodyslide- Type A
ColorCustomized, Please Refer To Our PAL Color Manual;
CategoriaBody Slides
Product ParameterHeight=16.5m
Close Section Width =0.8m
Open Section Width=0.7m
Floor Space64mx30m
Hourly Capacity120 p/h
Play ModeBody
Player AgeAdults
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