Zigong Shenhai Forest Happy Island

🇨🇳Zigong, Sichuan, China

Product List

The Wind Pressure Wave

Abyss Water Slide
Super Bowl Slide
Multi-Lane Mat Racers
Closed Spiral Slide
Aqualoop Bodyslide

Super Water House
Pirate Ship
Jellyfish World Pad Spray
Kids’ Slides
Water Spray

Indoor Water House
Water Spray

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Zigong Zhonggang Shenhai Forest Happy Island is a supporting project of the real estate of Zhonggang Group, which is divided into indoor hot spring water play area and outdoor integrated park. The whole project was completed by CMWaterparks, a leading chinese water park supplier. 

The outdoor area concludes water amusement projects and land amusement project. The outdoor water amusement projects cover an area of nearly 5000 square meters and is equipped with classic configuration of a large water park. Classical equipments such as abyss, super bowl , adult combination slides, boomerango, wind pressure waves, lazy river, huge water house, kids’ slides, pirate ship, jellyfish world, splashing spray are chosen to be set up. 

The Maya culture can be felt throughout its decoration and designer’s elaboration shows everywhere. The decoration of the park will be updated every year, so that visitors can experience the fun of water playing under different decoration themes.

CMWaterparks-a leading chinese water park supplier.

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Venue Type

Huge waterpark Real Estate Ancillary Park

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