Mianyang Adventure Carnival Island

Water Park Case Mianyang, SiChuan, China

Water Park Case Product List

The Vacuo Wave
The Wind Pressure Wave
Lazy River
Multi-Lane Mat Racers
Aqualoop Bodyslide
Speed & Freefall Slides
Abyss Water Slide-Type C
Interactive Water House VI
Baby Slides
Water Spray

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Water Park Case Mianyang Adventure Carnival Island, which covers an area of 50000 square meters and locates beside the carnival town of Sichuan Province, is a theme parkd focusing on history and culture.

The park, with it’s wonderful environment and full set of facilities: vacuum wave pool, rainbow slide, water house, abyss, river, kids’ pool, constitute a waterpark full of happiness, romantism and passion. It not only enable visitors feel the excitement of water play, but also give this inland city an island vacation experience.

Water Park Case

The Project Includes Below Devices:

1, The Vacuo Wave

Vacuum wave making unit which is very common in our before water park case which can stir up waves of more than 3 meters on tens of thousands of square meters of water based on vacuum energy storage principle. It must be a game for the brave: as 321counts down, the monster waves burst out and the crowd is pushed to the top of the wave with shouts and screams. The dragon roared and rolled forward, swallowing the crowd in an instant.

2, The Wind Pressure Wave

Wind pressure wave making is the use of high pressure fan to regularly agitate the water so as to form waves. Under the action of special intelligent controller, a variety of wave forms of 0.5-1.2 meters can be produced. Sometimes the waves swell,sometimes the waves fade away. The waves tirelessly chase each other and flap the coast slightly. It is not only a place for families reuniting , but also one for lovers dating.

3, Lazy River 

By creating caverns drifting, time tunnel, tropical rainforest and other scenes, tourists sometimes feel the coconut tree shadow, soft ripple waves, sometimes encountered the sudden rain to thunder and sudden lightning attack, and experience the fun of adventure in the unpredictable drift journey.

4, Multi-Lane Mat Racers

Multi-lane Mat Racer is one of the most popular competitive events in water parks. On the word of “On your marks” command, tourists, separated by 6 ranks, lay on their own mat and get ready to start. “Start” order issued, 6 riders simultaneously “drive” head over heels their mats, swift as the wind and quick as lightning in the colorful ups and downs of the slide.

5, Aqualoop Bodyslide 

The cool styling of AquaLoop body slide likes two entrenched long queues. Riders enter the launch capsule and get ready on standby. With the door closed and a countdown warning “3, 2, 1″ issued, the pedal at the foot are pulled out immediately, and riders plummet into the chute, just like “falling into the Abyss”! Riders run left and right and slide in the tube at a high speed.  Rider experiences an apparent weightlessness and a high-speed sprint in the process. 

6, Speed & Freefall Slides Speed & Freefall Slide Combination is an extreme sport-class event water parks and the screaming index burst the table. High Speed Slide: is on a 27 meter high platform, where riders slide almost perpendicular to the ground at a speed close to a free fall. Only a scream can slightly suppress the inner fear. 

Closed Spiral Slide: riders slide in the closed winding tube like shuttling in a time space ship. 

The Slope Slide: the alternating change of the crest and trough of variable slope slides makes the rider’s heartbeat soar, and meanwhile, catch other tourists’ eyes to stop to watch. 

7, Abyss Water Slide-Type C

With its peculiar shape and high excitement, Abyss is a landmark project for water parks. A group of four tourists get ready to sit on the special raft, gradually flow into the black tube, accelerate , and riders, following a short time of weightlessness, enter the giant body with a sudden fall and continue to slide along the body wall. Riders scream in the alternation of weightlessness and overweight . 8, Interactive Water House VI 9, Baby Slides 10, Water Spra


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