Guanghan Yijia Dam Happy Waterpark

🇨🇳Guanghan, Sichuan, China

Water Park Designned Product List

The Wind Pressure Wave
Lazy River
Multi-Lane Mat Racer
Aqualoop Bodyslide
Space Bowl Body Slide
Interactive Water House IV
Water Spray

Mini Abyss
Kids’ Spiral +Wide Slide Combination
Mini Boomerango
Baby Slides
Water Spray

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Guanghan Yijia River Dam Happy World is a water park designned by CMWaterparks and located in the AAAA scenic area, one hour’s drive from chengdu city. In the fierce competition of water parks in the suburbs of Chengdu, it has a good performance every year. 

There is no need to wait in a long line to experience the slide without wanting to challenge, the per capita consumption is not more than 100 RMB, tourists do not need to do detailed walkthrough and plan, easily decide the holiday destination.

Yijia River Dam happy world in accordance with the urban comprehensive water park planning, dai style theme style, equipped with wind pressure wave making, flower-sea rafting, six parallel race slide, big loop slide, whirlpool cylinder slide, wave swing slide, interactive water village IV, children playing in the water, and super parent-child combination slide. A variety of summer activities, such as Hawaiian Festival, water-sprinkling Festival and Starry sky Tent Festival, allow tourists to indulge in the joy of carnival splashing in the summer.

In autumn, winter and spring, the wave-making pool will be used as a stage for music festivals to bring joy to tourists with a new look during the holidays. During the Spring Festival, it will also be decorated as a traditional Chinese garden Lantern Festival to generate more revenue in non-summer days.

A water park designned by CMWaterparks.

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Hug Waterpark

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