Dechang Lisu Waterpark

🇨🇳Dechang, Sichuan, China

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The Vacuo Wave

Abyss Water Slide

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Sichuan Dechang Lisu Waterpark is located in Shaba Village, Sichuan Province and it is close to the 108 national highway. Lisu Waterpark is built following the experience of “march forward bravely” of Lisu tribe in the migration process and the hardships of migration for survival of Lisu ancestors so as to feel the precious of life.

Lisu Waterpark’s vacuo wave is a large surfing entertainment pool powered by a power unit by vacuum technology. The water depth is 1.8 meters and the wave can reach up to 3 meters. Driven by the strong rhythm of DJ’s music, the waves roar and surge in the majestic. The spectacular wave pool makes you feel like being in the sea and experience the passion .

Here, you can swim and play in the pure “sea water”, enjoy the wonderful afternoon in the white sand beach, feel the romantic seaside under the charming coco palm. Sunshine and beach are main marks of the waterpark.In addition, other water recreational projects, such as abyss, multi-lane mat racer, and kids’ water house and so on, also bring visitors here a very different water fun experience.

Happiness is the slogan of Lisu Waterpark.



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Huge Waterpark

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We create a field, let the tourists enjoy the fun, playing water is very simple and happy.
Liang Renxin
general manager of Nanhu Neverland
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