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🇨🇳Wenjiang, Chengdu China

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Mini Abyss
Mini Space Bowl
Kids’ Rainbow Slide
Kids’ Spiral Slide

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Chengdu Gorgeous Water Park is the earliest comprehensive theme water park in the suburbs of Chengdu. This project was operated by Chengdu’s well-known real estate company Zhixin Group. It is a successful project has led the real estate industry to rebuild a new city.

When the park comes to the eighth operational year in 2019, the owner hopes to add some aquatic products for parent-child families to refresh the park with new vitality. 

We chose to place a mini abyss beside the entrance of an idle river. In addition, we designed a pair of spiral slides and a rainbow slide to connect the two water house. Kids do not need to bypass the platform and can slide down in a fast channel. 

In addition, a mini space bowl which do not need any civil engneering construction is installed beside water play area. The equipment cost for 4 sets of new slide is less than the one-time decoration cost of the entire park for Halloween, but it adds a rich play experience for our small tourists in the new operational season. 

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Midi Waterpark
Renovation Project

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