Leshan Yuancheng Waterpark

cn Leshan, Sichuan, China

Huge Water Park Product List

The Vacuo Wave
Tidal River
Super Bowl Slide
Abyss Water Slide-Type A
Aqualoop Slide
Multi-Lane Mat Racer
Speed & Freefall Slides
Interactive Water House VI
Water Spray

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Happy, romantic, passionate Waterpark

Yuancheng Waterpark is a huge water park covers an area of 35 thousand square meters, can accommodate 15 thousand passengers daily, this Yuancheng Waterpark is a super water recreation place  invested by Yuancheng Group and our company, which is a comprehensive water recreation project integrating business, recreation and science and education.

Yuancheng Waterpark built in accordance with the domestic first-class, domestic high level, including the tsunami wave pool made waves up to 3 m, happy parent-child water recreation areas, large loudspeakers, super long racing track, and many other exciting on-water amusement. Let tourists experience the summer coolness while enjoying the crazy exciting experience.

Huge Water Park By CMWaterparks.

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Huge Waterpark

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