Heilongjiang Yabuli Snow Mountain Waterpark

🇨🇳 Yabuli, Heilongjiang, China

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Phase Ⅰ:
The Vacuo Wave
The Wind Pressure Wave
Whizzard Slide
Abyss Water Slide-Type A
Aqualoop Bodyslide
Speed & Freefall Slides
Super Water House

Phase Ⅱ:
Wave Ball
Tide River
Surf Simulator
Water Spray

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Yabuli in winter is a famous ski resort.  Yabuli water world is designned by CMWaterparks which is a professional and leading water play equipment supplier in China. Since 2015, Heilongjiang Yaxue Tourism Development Company joined hands with our company to build large-scale aquatic world, which add new pleasure to the summer in this resort!

Yabuli Waterpark is currently the largest Waterpark in Heilongjiang Province, with a total area of 338,000 square meters, of which there is the largest domestic Tsunami pool area, making wave area of 24,000 square meters, wave height up to 2.8 meters; the super water village of 2500 square meters; the total length of  river rafting of 1600 meters; and there are Kids Boomerango、Speed & Freefall Slide、Whizzard and other 19 domestic most advanced large-scale water entertainment projects. 

In addition, it also designed a number of recreational projects for children, so that children can also feel the endless fun of swimming. In the northern summer season, let visitors experience the fun of water all over the world, one time is enough.

A professional and leading water play equipment supplier in China.

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Huge Waterpark
Indoor Waterpark

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