Zhenxiong Daguli Waterpark

🇨🇳 Zhenxiong, Yunnan, China

Product List

The Wind Pressure Wave

4-Lane Slides

High Speed Slide-Freefall

Mini Boomerango

Mini Abyss

Kid’s Wide Slide

Mini Aquaplay-Basic

Water Spray

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 Zhenxiong Daguli Waterpark is an important city landmark sculptured by CMWaterparks, a professional adventure park designer in China.

In this case, the water park and land park are located in the middle area of  the commercial real estate cluster.The client want to choose a drainage product to start the sale simultaneously with the real estate. Is it to start the city landmark sky wheel? Or the water park? What product can quickly  stimulate real estate sales? At last, the owner choose CMWaterparks™ to take this challenge.

Facing a space of only 4,300 square meters in the city center, the design team of CMWaterparks™ designed a integrated cake structure water park for the owner. The wind-pressure mini wave pool with the largest capacity is located on the upper floor.  Two adult slides(4 lane slides + high-speed slides) with full excitement lie near the wave pool , which start from the highest  point down to the lowest. It is hard to imagine that we free up almost two floors of the entire park for parent-child experience space. The middle level is equipped with a mini abyss+ mini boomerango. The bottom layer is equipped by a family water house+ wide slide + water sprinklers.

CMWaterparks-a professional adventure park designer in China.

Youtube:Waterparks CM – YouTube


Venue Type

Mini waterpark Real Estate Ancillary Park

Project details

Opening Date

CMWaterparks photo

On the opening weekend, the 4,300 square meters water world ushered in an average daily passenger flow of 3,000 people, helping to make the first commercial opening. It attracts residents throughout the city, and they believe it will continue to add excitement to the retail business of the development.
Mu Xiangdong
general manager of Zhenxiong Daguli Waterpark
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