Sichuan Leshan Qianwei Jiayang Waterpark

🇨🇳 Leshan,Sichuan,China

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4 Lane Mat Racer
Spiral Slide
Mini Boomerango
Parent-child Water Play Center

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Sichuan Leshan Qianwei Jiayang Water Play Paradise is a scenic water park located in the natural reserve Suoluo Lake . In 2015, Suoluo Lake and “Jiayang Little Train”, a living fossil of the Industrial Revolution,was awarded the National AAAA Scenic Spot. In the rape flower season, this is a very popular scenic spot.Many tourists including web celebrity come here to admire the beauty of flower. However, in the hot summer, the owner is considering adding a cool water park in the outdoor tourist area to attract tourists with new products in the relatively off-season.

This paradise is built on a hillside, divided into three tiers like a cake, overlooking the beautiful Suoluo lake. The top layer is the most popular exciting water slide for adult tourists: 4 lane mat racer and spiral slide.The middle layer is a 900㎡ infinity pool, the north of lake is a wonderful children water play area: parent-child water house + children water spray.

The 6,800-square-meter park is equipped with high-energy waterslides and safe and interactive parent-child paddling products. It’s a good place for all family members to enjoy the cool.

Scenic Water Park By CMWaterparks.

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Scenic Supporting Waterpark
Mini Waterpark

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