Sichuan Xinjin Magic Whale Spirit Happy World Phase 1

🇨🇳 Xinjin,Chengdu,China

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Wave Ball Mini-Water House Type-I Water Spray

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The first phase water play area of the resort park Chengdu Xinjin Magic Whale Happy World is transformed from a standard swimming pool and a 2,600 square meters tree pond. 

The original swimming pool is transformed into a UFO wave pool (a small wave making equipment that can be used without the wave-making generators in the pool). The tree pool area was transformed into a zero water depth splashing square.Its core is the mini water house with animal plant modeling spray sketch.

Compared with previous standard pools only available for swimmers, the new venue offers a safe and fun mini paddling park for family visitors. The creative design and bright colors inspire imaginative games. Parents and other family members can relax, socialize and bathe the sun in loungers near the play area.

Resort Park By CMWaterparks.

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Holiday Waterpark
Mini Waterpark

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