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🇨🇳 Chengdu, Sichuan, China

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The Wind Pressure Wave
Space Bowl Slide
Mini Interacting Water House


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Nanhu Dream Island is a comprehensive amusement park in the suburbs of Chengdu. There is a landscape pool in the center of the park. The owner of the park contracted this pool and the surrounding area to CMWaterparks™ to transform “a park in the park”. This is a long fishtail-shaped pool, we transformed it into a wind pressure wave pool. Although this is not a very standard wave pool. However, the ingenious wave size makes the waves hit the lighthouse on the shore to form a back wave, which is very interesting. On both sides of the wave pool are slides with a small footprint and high excitement: space bowl, midi free fall slides, and a water house behind the wave pool.

The operation team of the park will hold several small water festivals in the wave pool every day. They will distribute buckets to tourists in the wave pool. The camera on the big screen will randomly select a lucky guy, and strangers around him will help splash water to the lucky guy. 

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Small Waterpark

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We create a field, let the tourists enjoy the fun, playing water is very simple and happy.
Liang Renxin
general manager of Nanhu Neverland
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