water park case Xianzhizhujian Tea Waterpark of E’mei Mountain

🇨🇳 Mount Emei, Sichuan, China

water park case Product List

The Vacuo Wave

Multi-Lane Mat Racers
Space Bowl Body Slide

Parent-child Water House-B
Water Spray

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Xianzhi Tsunami Hall is an early work of ours.It has been operating to the ninth year. It is a very classic medium-sized park configuration: the vacuo wave, boomerango, multi-lane mat racer, space bowl bodyslide, water house, as well as kids water spray.

The simpliest, the coolest!


Teenager spiral slides meets the needs of teenagers who are eager to experience the thrill of the adult slide.

This series is also designed for hotels and resorts with flexible space and light investment to maximum your holiday experience.

The winding spiral slide, set on a 3.55 meters platform, with its dazzling colour match and unique sliding experience, is a good choice for competitive sliding.





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Midi Waterpark

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