water park equipment
water park equipment

Tianchi Squirrel Tribe Family Park

🇨🇳 Jiange tianci, China

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Mini Water House Z2 Water Sprinklers Water Spray Jellyfish World Water Treatment Equipment

Jiange Tianci Hot Spring Hotel is built in accordance with the national 4A-level tourist area standards. It integrates hot spring vacation, health and recuperation, health care, hot spring entertainment, and cultural performances. Composite hot spring tourist resort. It has been widely acclaimed since its opening 12 years ago. In early 2023, the hotel management will join hands with CMWATERWAPARKS to add a water park project to the hotel plan. water village. It is very attractive for travelers of all ages who come to stay in summer. The project is expected to be officially operational in the summer of 2023, let us look forward to this summer together!

Holiday Water Park By CMWaterparks.

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Holiday Waterpark
Mini Waterpark

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Constructing a high capacity & 100% immersive waterpark for kids based on a swimming pool's budget is a very cost-effective solution.
Zheng Tao
Squirrel Tribe Project Management Department
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