Sichuan Nanjiang Jizhou Huange Waterpark

🇨🇳Nanjiang, Sichuan, China

Product List

The Wind Pressure Wave

Tidal River

Multi-Lane Mat Racers

Mini Boomerango

Mini Abyss

Mini Water House-Tyle I

Water Spray

Kids Water Spray

Water Treatment Equipment

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Nanjiang Jizhou Huange Water Park is a typical aqua park designed by CMWaterparks. It is also a water park case efficiently utilizing space.

The outer circle of the park is a moat composed of tidal rafting rivers, and the inner circle is dominated by wind pressure wave pools. Next to the wave pools is the most welcomed 4-lane race slides. On the front side of the wave pool is the parent-child water play center (mini water house + water sprinkler) + mini abyss + mini boomerango. This configuration not only provides active adventure games for adults and teenagers, but also provides a safe exploration  for family  guests.

Coulorful stretched film and parasols decorated as color blocks to form a simple atmosphere decoration enable the construction cost effectively controlled, but the fun of color remained.

CMWaterparks- a leading aqua park designer in China.

Youtube:Waterparks CM – YouTube

Website: CMWaterparks

Venue Type

Midi waterpark

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