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🇨🇳Zhijin, Guizhou, China

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Mini Aquaplay-Basic

Kids’  Spiral +Wide Slide  Combination

Water Spray

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Guizhou Zhijin Xinyu Water Park is a mini water park sculptured by CMWaterparks, a leading aqua play supplier in China. It’s typical in mini park cases. The project site is 10 kilometers away from Guizhou city, is surrounded by scenic karst mountains. 

CMWaterparks help to equip the gymnasium with an outdoor water play area of 1,200 square meters which contains four slides with total different experience+ water house with tipping bucket, wide&spiral slides combination, as well as a variety of water spray equipment in different styles. 

Kids are squatting under the water house, nervously waiting the tipping bucket pouring down. The excited children ran to the bank, proudly telling mom and dad  the slide in which color he had just completed the challenge , and then set foot on new slide adventures repeatedly.

CMWaterparks-a leading aqua play supplier in China.

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Mini waterpark Real Estate Ancillary Park

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