Sichuan Xinjin Magic Whale Spirit Happy World Phase 2

🇨🇳 Xinjin,Chengdu,China

Holiday Resort Park:Product List

Wave Area:410m²
River Length:140m
Width: 3m
Water Play Pool Area:420m²

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Chengdu Xinjin Magic Whale Joy World is a holiday resort park located in Xinjin, a suburb of the land of aboundance, Chengdu. 

This peanut structure Waterpark is only 2860 square meters, small but complete. Out circle is a tidal rafting river with length 150m, the small area of inner circle with a UFO wave making pool, large area is a zero water depth swimming square with mini water house as the core and matched with animal and plant modeling spray sketch. 

Families can cool off in the hot summer sun, and vistors of all ages can immerse themselves for hours on end in the inspiring and imaginative CMWaterParks ™ water playground.

Holiday Resort Park By CMWaterparks.

Youtube:Waterparks CM – YouTube


Venue Type

Holiday Waterpark
Mini Waterpark

Project details

Opening Date

Waterpark photo

We will inform the opening time of the tidal drift river, intervals time is around an hour and a half. This operation strategy will make the children look forward to the next opening with great anticipation, thus extending their stay in the park to increase secondary consumption such as food and beverage. However, if a large number of visitors come into park and large traffic makes pool vey crowed , we have to open the tidal river all the time. This product has large capacity, and it is a very joyful experience to swim in the rafting river.
Li Xiaolin
General Manager of Magic Whale
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