Luoyue Hotel, Beiluowan

🇨🇳 Yangjiang, Guangdong, China

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Luoyue Hotel is a classic hotel water park case located in “Hailing Island”, a national 5A scenic spot, one of the ten most beautiful islands in China. It has the reputation of “Santorini” in Guangdong. There are many luxurious resort hotels on Hailing Island. Luoyue Hotel is newly built in 2021. The hotel owner decided to combine the infinity pool and CMWaterparks™ brand parent-child water house.This brings visitors different experience  and increases the number of tourists bookings especially for young families.

Visually, We choose the summer lemon yellow and soda orange as the theme color of the water house. There are six completely different slides. The children will proudly tell you what color slide he has just completed the challenge, and  embarked on the new slide expedition again and again.During the tour, the hotel’s youngest guests can safely enjoy hours of entertainment on the colorful CMWaterparks™ brand amusement equipment.

Hotel Water Park Case By CMWaterparks.

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Hotel Supporting Waterpark
Mini Waterpark

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Since opening, CMWaterparks™ products have helped our hotel increase occupancy rates and daily room rates.
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