Happy Waterpark of Danjing Mountain

🇨🇳Pengzhou, Sichuan, China

Water Park Design Product List

The Wind Pressure Wave

The Multi-Lane Mat Slide
Spiral Slide Combination

Parent-child Water House-A
Water Spray

Water Park Design

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Water Park Design Happy Water Park of Danjing Mountain was a work of art created six years ago. However, in a new operating season, it still maintains its vitality to provide tourists with a refreshing experience of cooling down in the summer. It is a classic configuration for small and medium sized waterpark: wind pressure wave ,multi-lane mat racer, open & enclosed spiral slide combination, twist water house, kids’ water sprinklers,as well as standard swimming pool.

The CMWaterparks ™ wind pressure wave pool features for its 4 sets 55kw wave engine. Excitement seekers can go to the deepest isolation zone to experience the thrill of the waves above their heads. Children and seniors can stand in the shallow water zone and feel the gentle waves beating ashore.


Venue Type

Midi Waterpark

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