Linghai Jiuhua Spring Hotel Water Park Equipment

🇨🇳Linghai, Liaoning, China

Water Park Equipment Product List

The Vacuo Wave
High Speed Slide
Space Bowl Bodyslide
The Wind Pressure Wave
Combination Slides
Indoor Water House
Water Spray

Combination Slide
Midi Abyss
Super Family Slides
Water Spray

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The indoor waterpark is located in the Jiuhuashan Resort &Spa Hotel. The indoor waterpark relies on the hotel whose total construction area is more than 30000 square meters. The owner invested 300 million to sculpture the world’s largest hot spring water world in western Liaoning province.

The core for the hot spring waterpark is “Dynamic, Fantastic, Dreamlike”. The tactful configuration of wave pool ,water house ,speed slide, space bowl, boomerango, combination bodyslides combines hot spring landscape and water entertainment together, and creates a waterpark full of magic and adventure . The water entertainment in hot spring hotel will let you experience the most dazzling dynamic and passion. 

Linghai Jiuhua Spring Hotel includes below water park equipments:

1, The Vacuo Wave

Vacuum wave making unit can stir up waves of more than 3 meters on tens of thousands of square meters of water based on vacuum energy storage principle. It must be a game for the brave: as 321counts down, the monster waves burst out and the crowd is pushed to the top of the wave with shouts and screams. The dragon roared and rolled forward, swallowing the crowd in an instant.

2, High Speed Slide

High Speed Slide: is on a 27 meter high platform, where riders slide almost perpendicular to the ground at a speed close to a free fall. Only a scream can slightly suppress the inner fear. 

3, Boomerango

Boomerango is a classic water amusement equipment. Tourists ride rafts into the U-shaped chute  to the bottom at a high speed and slide up to the top of the opposite under the action of inertia force, then ride back and up again, repeatedly. Boomerango, with high cost performance, is most suitable for small and medium water amusement park.

4, Space Bowl Bodyslide

SpaceBowl body slide, also known as the space basin slide, is a small version of SuperBowl. Under the effect of centrifugal force and water lubrication, riders slide from the tube entrance, along with the current, gradually accelerate, and finally rush into the open bowl body at a high speed. The huge kinetic energy accumulated during sliding enable riders to rotate at a high speed along the bowl wall, and plunge into the pool after energy exhausted.

5, The Wind Pressure Wave

Wind pressure wave making is the use of high pressure fan to regularly agitate the water so as to form waves. Under the action of special intelligent controller, a variety of wave forms of 0.5-1.2 meters can be produced. Sometimes the waves swell,sometimes the waves fade away. The waves tirelessly chase each other and flap the coast slightly. It is not only a place for families reuniting , but also one for lovers dating.

6, Combination Slides 7, Indoor Water House 8, Water Spray and the other water park equipments

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