Water Park Project Sichuan Renshou Tianfu Tea Linggu Sports Park

🇨🇳 Renshou, Sichuan, China

Water Park Project-Product List

Kid’s Mini Abyss Slide

Kid’s Spiral Slide

Kid’s Wide Slide

Private Water Tipping Bucket

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Renshou Tianfu Chaling Valley Sports Park is a municipal park located in the suburbs of Chengdu, where music festivals and other activities are often held. Our client get the permission to build an comprehensive park in the authorized area of the park. CMWaterparks™ provides the customer with the most popular parent-child slides. This group of slides is composed of kid’s mini abyss slide,kid’s spiral slide,kid’s wide slide and independent buckets. It has become the most exciting amusement place in the whole park and enable children of all ages play in safe and exciting water games.

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Mini waterpark

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