Shibanhe Scenic Zone in Weiyuan

🇨🇳 Weiyuan, Sichuan,China

Scenic Supporting Water Park:
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The Shibanhe water park is a scenic supporting water park in Weiyuan, Sichuan Province is blessed with unique natural conditions. The Shiban river is wide and flat, and the water is cool throughout the seasons. In the past, the summer here was a wild summer resort and a check-in point for tracing the river. In 2020, the government upgraded the scenic spot to provide better services to hug the arrival of more tourists.

At the first stop when tourists enter the official scenic spot, CMWaterparks™ creates a 6000㎡ water interactive waterscape with more than 100 interactive functions under a cliff. The whole park is like a cashew nut.

On the left lies a water house for parents and children. The wide slide and spiral slide lies on the right .Various kinds of water sprinklers in shape of animal, plant and flower are equipped in the center.

In such a refreshing and natural scenic spot, our water park, with a huge cliff as the screen, is like a small flower growing from a mountain stream, full of bright colors. The flowing water assembly endless entertainment opportunities for guests .

Scenic Supporting Water Park By CMWaterparks.

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