Sichuan Yingshan Moon Rabbit Dream

🇨🇳 Yingshan, Sichuan, China

Product List

UFO Wave

Tide River

Mini Boomerango

Mini Abyss

Kids’  Spiral +Wide Slide  Combination

Water Spray

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 “Moon Rabbit Dream Paradise” is a integrated theme park designed by CMWaterparks, a chinese park designer and equipment manufacturer.

Located in Nanchong Yingshan,it is a integrated resort with parent-child water entertainment as its theme, and romantic vacation villas surrounded by the water-friendly world. For such real estate supporting projects, not only to provide a community cooling destination for residents in the resort, but also to create an eye-catching visual center to attract more residents to choose to spend their holidays, or buy and rent villas here.

The whole park takes the forest as the main body, and all selected equipments allow  tourists of all ages to be highly involved, so that users of all ages and abilities can keep highly entertaining and interesting. As a moat, tidal river’s inner circle is equiped with super parent-child combination slide +UFO small wave making + water spray. With a standard swimming pool and water play pool that look very much like a wave-making pool next to the rafting river.

CMWaterparks-a leading theme park designner in China.

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Venue Type

Mini waterpark Real Estate Ancillary Park

Project details

Opening Date

CMWaterparks photo

The owner plans to explore the preferences of visitors during the first season of operation to decide whether to turn the area into a real wave-making pool.
general manager of Sichuan Yingshan Moon Rabbit Dream
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