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🇨🇳 Jiangyou, Sichuan, China

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The Vacuo Wave River

The Multi-Lane Mat Slide
High Speed Slide
Stream Slides
Three Spiral Slides(Dragon Slides)

Mini Water House
Mini Aquasphere
Kids’ Spiral +Wide Slide Combination
Mini Boomerango
Water Spray

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Jiangyou Dongtian Water World is a karst cave theme park. The entire tsunami pool is covered by a huge cave, from the depths of the cave waves. Four juxtaposed slides and high-speed slides from the cliff flying down, stacked creek raft wide slide is wrapped in the cave, spiral slide is decorated as a dragon just come to life in the middle of the mountain, tidal drift river in the stalactite cave agitation, parent-child streams are also a rock wall tray in the palm. Even though it is only 40 minutes’ drive from Mianyang Fonte (a well-known park brand in China), it is well received and appreciated by visitors for its unique experience.

The devices incudes:

1, The Vacuo Wave 

Vacuum wave making unit can stir up waves of more than 3 meters on tens of thousands of square meters of water based on vacuum energy storage principle. It must be a game for the brave: as 321counts down, the monster waves burst out and the crowd is pushed to the top of the wave with shouts and screams. The dragon roared and rolled forward, swallowing the crowd in an instant.

2, Lazy River

By creating caverns drifting, time tunnel, tropical rainforest and other scenes, tourists sometimes feel the coconut tree shadow, soft ripple waves, sometimes encountered the sudden rain to thunder and sudden lightning attack, and experience the fun of adventure in the unpredictable drift journey.

3, The Multi-Lane Mat Slide

Multi-lane Mat Racer is one of the most popular competitive events in water parks. On the word of “On your marks” command, tourists, separated by 6 ranks, lay on their own mat and get ready to start. “Start” order issued, 6 riders simultaneously “drive” head over heels their mats, swift as the wind and quick as lightning in the colorful ups and downs of the slide.

The yellow team is ahead of the red team for the time being. However, the red team accelerates at the last super big steep and surpass the yellow team! The red team successfully counterattack!

4, High Speed Slide

Riders slide from the 15.6m platform almost perpendicular to the ground at a speed close to a free fall. Only a scream can slightly suppress the inner fear.

5, Stream Slides 

The stream slide combination is composed of 3-4 groups of wide wave slides with a total drop of 4-6 meters. It is a group of landscape raft slides customized for scenic spots. Tourists can experience the fun of drop drift.

6, Three Spiral Slides(Dragon Slides) 7, Mini Water House 8, Mini Aquasphere 9, Kids’  Spiral +Wide Slide  Combination 10, Mini Boomerango 11, Water Spray


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Midi Waterpark Scenic Supporting Park

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